Fall playlist – New Racheal Y, Oasis, Murs and more!

“original sounds” New Music Fall sampler

A killer mix of new artists from Warner Bros (where I work). I think this mix shows that big labels can support amazing creativity. More than happy to work on aspects of the new media campaigns for each of these artists.



If we could just get people to LISTEN to the new Oasis album, they would love it! Great albums, and not enough outlets to get the the word out. The idea was simple – incentive fans to hear the new music, and reward them in an authentic way, that would also spread the word and re-brand the band.

So check out the Oasis Widget, listen to six songs, and you can get a free classic Oasis t-shirt! Strength of idea is really the music, not the free shirt – I believe in this as a very strong body of work.

We also have their merchandise rights (online and tour!), so it creates buzz for merch, and builds databse of new customers.

Ultimatley, it was supposed to be a random givaway so the promotion would last longer. Due to tech issues, the widget was incorrectly set up to go to the first 3000 fans, which we of course went viral instantly, and crashed our store! So we’re fine tuning the idea. Would love any thoughts on this idea, and how to make it better. Send me your thoughts and I will send you an Oasis shirt – but you should still listen to the tracks – its worth it!


Rachael Yamagata Live at Borders with new N96

My first time trying out the new N96 at a Rachael Yamagata instore at Borders! The n96 is similar to the N95, (upgraded to 16 gigs and a 5 mp camera) but with much better form factor and a lighter weight design. Zoom also seems better and clearer at close range, however you can still hear the annoying click when you use the zoom….
Not my best footage – lights seem to trick camera into a hazy picture, but her band creates a nice mood with the Intro, then a Beautiful song “Sunday” from her new album Elephants

Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008

Went to Baltimore last Weekend to see LIGHTS, on the Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008.
Headliners were Boys Like Girls, and Cute is What We Aim For. My first time seeing LIGHTS live, and I was impressed. The songs show how good they are live, she looks amazing, and she has a live energy that enhances the music. LIGHTS connected with the crowd right away.

Here is some footge I filmed with my phone and posted to my You Tube Channel.

Here is what She filmed with a Nokia N95, and then edited on her laptop. The music is also by LIGHTS!

Myspace Music vs Imeem Pt 2

The Myspace site is still buggy, and from the commerce side, buy links still dont show up for most artists. Slow on the big fixes!

From a promotional standpoint, they do seem to be getting lots of traffic – many of the bands I work on are having higher than normal play counts (if its workign and tracking them properly!)

Jason Reeves (Warner Bros) got hundreds of thousands of new plays in a few days, during a feature on Tom’s Playlist. The Featured playlists area is a good way to discover new music.

In response to Myspace music, Imeem changed their site and focused on the basics. Home page is now blog style, and I like the cleaner design. Their Browse, and Chart’s of top songs and playlists is also improved. Their basic playlist tools, and music service is unchanged.

Here are recent articles on the Myspace Music Launch, and Imeem’s site.

Indies upset with Myspace Music Launch:


Rollingstone.com – MySpace Music Takes on iTunes

The only thing they used from my interviews was “not groundbreaking” but I guess thats echoing what i’ve said here….

The Guardian

MYSPACE vs IMEEM – nice analaysis on this blog:


Data – What You Need to Know about Myspace Music Strategy


MySpace Music Points Way To Free Music Economy


Forbes.com video

Throwing Sheep

Myspace Music vs Imeem pt 1

The new Myspace music launched last week, and now that some of the dust settled, I put my OCT playlist in both Imeem and Myspace Music’s new playlist tool. Most of the debate has been about the indie labels not being in the Myspace launch, but I haven’t seen many evaluations of the myspace music service itself.


First off the Myspace launch was and still is Buggy. I know from many fans and artists, there are many complaints about the “closed” ecosystem. You cant just upload whatever you want anymore – fingerprinting technology is in place now!

But the ability to make playlists from a ton of full length tracks is impressive. I find the Myspace tool easier to use than Imeem’s tool, but I cant seem to find any way to embed the Myspace player (although the pop up player is a nice addition!)

Ill post more in pt 2 on the nuances between the two services, and more about how the fingerprinting works.

For now – enjoy my new playlist and let me know which service works for you! – jbloggmusic@gmail.com


Transparency and Mystery

Jack White created something incredible with his band The Racounteurs. Their live shows have the fire of Led Zepplin and the Who. They change up their set, improvise, and are touring behind Consolers of the Lonely, one of the best albums in the last ten years. 

This band is hardly transparent the way new media blogs, and “indie” artists talk about today – no twittering from Jack White.

I was sitting with some fine folks from Zappos, the kings of transparency and customer service, and as we discussed Twitter and the ecommerce biz, I was making the point that some bands should not be “transparent”. A bold instance on Mystery and perfecting ones musical craft should be allowed. (I DO think they convinced my boss to start twittering!)

Awhile back at the Henry Fonda Theatre (and again, last week at the Greek), I watched The Raconteurs improvise an extended intro to one of my favorite songs from their new album and I was blown away by the direction they took the song live. The fact they dared to explore new (old?) textures to a song I loved was mysterious, and at the same time transparent, revealing the hidden melodies within the song and perhaps how the song was created in the first place. Old school transparency  – were just going to Rock! 

Twenty years from now I hope the Raconteurs Mystery, and approach to music, will make them a legend as fans hunt down, search, and try and interpret the bands motive to the musical scraps and clips left behind.

New LIGHTS Video

A kick start to the LIGHTS campaign – an amazing video to a beautiful track.

Im going to Baltimore on Friday to get the campaign rolling. I will be turning her on to the latest tools for communicating with fans. Your opinions for the Top 3 tools artist’s should use to communicate with their fans?

LIGHTS – music and multimedia wonder woman

Im working with a new artist called LIGHTS! She is a very special artist that I believe will be very succesfull, and will help shape the profile of a musical/new media artist in todays musical ecosystem. She has a vision for herself beyond just her songs, across multiple mediums, and modes of expression.

I get to be a part of the process and join momentum she’s already built on her own. Working on this should be an innovative adventure, and I hope to break new ground in helping her to achieve her vision.

Check out these clips, listen to three tracks,



Lights Tour Announcement from Crystal Caves….

The Police Wrigley Field

Met all of my friends in Chicago for the fourth of July, and the POLICE, live, after all these years! My friend got busted for pot before the show and went to jail! The Chicago Police were not joking around. I was innocent but in handcuffs to for awhile, but they had nothing on me and had to let let me go!

So from the seventh row – here are some great clips!

My You Tube Channel Shut Down

I need to fix all the links here as You Tube deleted my account! Why? Who knows! I think it was my clip of Stephen Colbert at the Webby Awards. Viacom is crazy with the take downs – it wasn’t the colbert SHOW, just him accepting an award!

I am now angry at big media! Stay tuned, I’ve found all the source clips and I will get the channel up soon!

Genesis then and NOW!

I loved Genesis growing up. Growing up in WI, My friends and I listened to them in high school, and I can’t think about some of my friends without thinking of Genesis. Before videos, their old stuff was great stuff to inspire your imagination. Their artwork was cool too.

In the 90’s – something bad happened to them when thet started singing “we cant dance” and phil stopped drumming.

Is that a bandana!?!?


But i took a chance on the reunion tour this summer – they returned to form. Plenty of phil behind the drums, and they sounded great! an AMAZING SHOW. This footage is from third row at the hollywood bowl, 2007!