I love reading the New Tee Vee blog every day and video is an increasingly important aspect of the music business. Think about it – the majority of music is listened to on a device with a screen! I think I was the only music exec at New Tee Vee Live, but it was worth the trip – although the question “is the tv business going the way of the record business?” and the “we wont make the same mistakes as the music biz” quotes were slightly annoying.

So what are the broader trends and how do they apply to music? Here are a few quotes from some of the speakers, and some of the interesting things I heard during the panels.

Erik Flannigan
EVP of Digital Media,
MTVN Entertainment Group  

Hits are Hits. Eric explained that hit tv shows have big video numbers online, and shows with lower ratings have lower views. It’s a one to one relationship, and he said there seems to be no erosion in the ratings of popular shows by having them streaming online.

“Don’t underestimate the mass of passive”

Great point and a classic quote. People don’t want to spend tons of time looking around to watch what they want on you tube, torrents and other on demands sites. It’s more that programming for the mass doesn’t meet their needs anymore. If possible, most consumers would rather lean back and just get great programming that was relevant to them, instead of having to seek it out.

Now think of the long tail, radio, and music. Applying Eric’s comment to the much hyped long tail I agree its probably not the “solution”. It’s really about better music, engaging artists, and better programming.

Laura Goldberg
General Manager of NFL Online,
National Football League  

The internet turned the niche activity of fantasy football into a main stream pastime, and as a result, grew the audience for the NFL. Laura explained how fantasy football drives demand – now you need to watch all the games! Very clever. The advantage is football is a closed network – to watch all the games in real time you have to pay!

Chuck Seiber
VP Marketing,

The Roku video player is an on demand video box with over 50,000 titles. Now they are opening their platform to anyone who wants to make a “channel” on their box. Their install base seems low, but is this a chance for someone to make a new type of music service? Seems like the infrastructure and hardware is in place.

Jason Seiken
SVP, Interactive,

Nothing music related here, but I had no idea pbs launched the coolest video sites of all the networks!

Gary Cohen
SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience,

Redbox offers kiosks in retails stores that rent dvd’s for a dollar. The talk was that some of the studios were upset about the impact of “substitutionally” of redbox rentals on dvd sales.

Substitution for purchase is something we talk about a lot in the music biz, with you tube, piracy, and streaming services such as myspace. Gary denied those claims, and said redbox did research to show there was less that 1% substitution for purchase (of course they did!)

However I loved his quote – “People who buy, buy, people who rent, rent”

Or as we sometimes say “people who buy buy, people who steal steal”

Great day – see you next year!


Great content, and nice technique for success:
How IKEA’s ‘Easy to Assemble’ Broke 1.9M Views (Without Cheating)

New product idea from the people:
World’s First Multimedia SF Novel on a QR Code T-shirt.
Buy it via ebay!

Devo is Back – I was there!
These guys are still unbeliveable!

“one of the few truly original rock acts of the last 40 years.”

San Jose Mercury news

Devo fans find `Satisfaction’


I found out about ratatat through some random surfing. I dont know much about him, but hes a producer and remixer and I like his style!


But what really caught me were these videos on his site. They both have a very simple effect added to the exsiting clip, repurposing it into somethign startling, and bizarre.

I recognize the paul simon video, but not the first one.

And from his myspace, you findAudio Dregs, a record label and DIY music and art collective with a myspace page worth checking out!


When it came to the fork in the road for new media vs old, Neil Young went the new way, while keeping the music as good as ever! I cant believe I get to work on his projects, and in some small way, have helped him move into the new world. There’s an amazing guy named Jeff on the new media team who has a great relationship with Neil and has helped Neil use the internet. Now Neil does it all. It started a few years ago with blogging, and now it’s visual. Neil just shows up with new material, and we help him get the word out! Oh yeah – he’s also revolutionizing the auto industry!

This video and new album just showed up at WBR and we cant wait to get it out to you!
Neil Young – Fork In The Road


I set up a Ustream video feed in an old conference room at the Warner Bros offices in Burbank. With a simple sony hd camera, through a PC, into our network, I can broadcast Aritist ‘s live when they come into the office (which is a lot!).
First was Eric Hutchinson The second was a live video chat with Wayne from Flaming Lips (ustream lost the archive on this one!)

But the best so far was Tyler Hilton. I need to edit this clip down, but for now jump to :50 seconds in and see Tyler light up when he finally sees all the fans on the site.

Free video chat by Ustream
You can see he connects to them and rolls into his first song as if his online community was physically in the front row with him! He played for almost an hour, and seemed to really connect with the experience.

These live shows are a great grassroots tools that connects with the fans with artists. We had over 10,000 people watch the first three shows.

Another goal of the live studio was to capture the spontaneous moments. The community of Artists coming through the building on a regular basis was one of the reason I went live. When neil young and lil scrappy are here at the same time, or Lyndsey Buckingham and The Used. The variety of WBR artist’a is impressive, and I knew id get some some random parings.

Sure enough – during Tyler’s performance i came close! I found out Talib Kweli an Eric Benet were in the building at the same time Tylere was playing! I didn’t end up getting them all together, but as everyone gets familiar with with the studio they will come ready!

Stay tuned!

Rachael Yamagata Live at Borders with new N96

My first time trying out the new N96 at a Rachael Yamagata instore at Borders! The n96 is similar to the N95, (upgraded to 16 gigs and a 5 mp camera) but with much better form factor and a lighter weight design. Zoom also seems better and clearer at close range, however you can still hear the annoying click when you use the zoom….
Not my best footage – lights seem to trick camera into a hazy picture, but her band creates a nice mood with the Intro, then a Beautiful song “Sunday” from her new album Elephants

Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008

Went to Baltimore last Weekend to see LIGHTS, on the Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008.
Headliners were Boys Like Girls, and Cute is What We Aim For. My first time seeing LIGHTS live, and I was impressed. The songs show how good they are live, she looks amazing, and she has a live energy that enhances the music. LIGHTS connected with the crowd right away.

Here is some footge I filmed with my phone and posted to my You Tube Channel.

Here is what She filmed with a Nokia N95, and then edited on her laptop. The music is also by LIGHTS!

The Police Wrigley Field

Met all of my friends in Chicago for the fourth of July, and the POLICE, live, after all these years! My friend got busted for pot before the show and went to jail! The Chicago Police were not joking around. I was innocent but in handcuffs to for awhile, but they had nothing on me and had to let let me go!

So from the seventh row – here are some great clips!

My You Tube Channel Shut Down

I need to fix all the links here as You Tube deleted my account! Why? Who knows! I think it was my clip of Stephen Colbert at the Webby Awards. Viacom is crazy with the take downs – it wasn’t the colbert SHOW, just him accepting an award!

I am now angry at big media! Stay tuned, I’ve found all the source clips and I will get the channel up soon!

Genesis then and NOW!

I loved Genesis growing up. Growing up in WI, My friends and I listened to them in high school, and I can’t think about some of my friends without thinking of Genesis. Before videos, their old stuff was great stuff to inspire your imagination. Their artwork was cool too.

In the 90’s – something bad happened to them when thet started singing “we cant dance” and phil stopped drumming.

Is that a bandana!?!?


But i took a chance on the reunion tour this summer – they returned to form. Plenty of phil behind the drums, and they sounded great! an AMAZING SHOW. This footage is from third row at the hollywood bowl, 2007!