The Facebook party is winding down, and LIGHTS blew away an always tough industry crowd. It was hard to resist her energy, even if you missed the announcement that LIGHTS launched what could be the first ever artist site using facebook connect.

It was more than an industry showcase! Convincing Artist’s to take a chance on new technology can be tough (thats a big part of my job!). They need to have an understanding of where things are going to truly apply new ideas to their art. Its often a riskier proposition than people realize. But when an Artist has a vision for new music AND new media – you can create the perfect storm of innovation the music business needs.

The “Connect” technology is amazing – and it has that feel good moment when you log into LIGHT’S site with your facebook account. But it never would have happened if the Artist didn’t have a strong enough vision for herself to try something new.

LIGHTS is the future, as much as facebook connect is the future!

Thanks to LIGHTS, Ethan Kaplan, and Raquel and Dave at Facebook, for making the show, the art, and the tech happen! When they work together, things evolve.

Fall playlist – New Racheal Y, Oasis, Murs and more!

“original sounds” New Music Fall sampler

A killer mix of new artists from Warner Bros (where I work). I think this mix shows that big labels can support amazing creativity. More than happy to work on aspects of the new media campaigns for each of these artists.


Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008

Went to Baltimore last Weekend to see LIGHTS, on the Verizon Wireless College Tour 2008.
Headliners were Boys Like Girls, and Cute is What We Aim For. My first time seeing LIGHTS live, and I was impressed. The songs show how good they are live, she looks amazing, and she has a live energy that enhances the music. LIGHTS connected with the crowd right away.

Here is some footge I filmed with my phone and posted to my You Tube Channel.

Here is what She filmed with a Nokia N95, and then edited on her laptop. The music is also by LIGHTS!

LIGHTS – music and multimedia wonder woman

Im working with a new artist called LIGHTS! She is a very special artist that I believe will be very succesfull, and will help shape the profile of a musical/new media artist in todays musical ecosystem. She has a vision for herself beyond just her songs, across multiple mediums, and modes of expression.

I get to be a part of the process and join momentum she’s already built on her own. Working on this should be an innovative adventure, and I hope to break new ground in helping her to achieve her vision.

Check out these clips, listen to three tracks,



Lights Tour Announcement from Crystal Caves….