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Report: Overall U.S. Music Sales Up in ’08; Albums Down 8.5%

Americans bought more music in 2008 than ever before

2008 CD & Ringtone Sales Fall, Digital Growth Slows

The Numbers are in – Revenue Down

Some of the headlines look misleading, but then again, no one loves the music biz! Obvioulsy people are covering different things here – it seems those covering the “growth” are covering transactions, and those covering the drop are talking revenue.

Here is a good reference point to start the year and disucss new areas of growth:
Some raw data (from coolfer)
Album sales: down 15% to 430 million units
CD sales: down 20% to 362 units
Digital album sales: up 32% to 62.8 units
Track sales: up 27% to 1.07 billion units
LP sales: up 92% to 1.9 million units

Digital gains not making up for cd losses. LP growth small but exciting and an area that is bigger than indicated in units because of revenue.
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