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Los Angeles, CA 2010

One of my passions is the convergence of new media and music culture. I’ve spent over 15 years in New Media and Music. From the the first digital download in WMG history (Alanis Morrisstte – remember a2b muisc???), to the latest in mobile technology, I’ve dedicated many hours to the exploring and living the future of entertainment and technology.

Im an Entrepreneurial digital and social media strategist and marketer with over 15 years experience executing change and developing new models in music and entertainment. A Unique combination of creative talents, strategic thinking, hands on experience with technology, and executive level management puts me in the drivers seat every day. A Passion for establishing culture around fan behavior and consumer trends, and always actively participating and contributing to social media and blogs.

Over the last 10 years I’ve launched dozens of groundbreaking digtial campaigns, including the first sale of digital music for the Warner Music Group, early wireless innovation with the first voice ringer and premium SMS ringtones. Early in my career, I worked at Rick Rubin’s American Recordings, one of the first labels to use new media and streaming audio technology. Before committing to new media, I worked behind the scenes as an assistant engineer at the Village Recorder with artists ranging from Dr Dre to Eric Clapton.

This blog documents some of the ideas and projects I’m working on, both personally and professionally. There are already so many amazing blogs out there in new media, music, digital art, etc. but I feel like my experiences fit well into the existing conversations and I hope to add to the discussion!

Personal Tools:
iPhone 6, iPad air (2), HTC droid, Cannon G12

Intel 5k Imace inch, Macbook Pro retina (2), hexcore mac pro for multitrack audio

Cubase, Reason, Battery, Kontact, Guitar Rig


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