I spent time last year working with Marshmallow Laser Feast Treehugger. I cant take any credit for the really cool stuff, but i did help out on several of capture trips and helped think out the strategy for how we brought this experience to the world.

For the fifth year, Tribeca awarded innovation in storytelling through its Storyscapes Award for immersive storytelling, went to TREEHUGGER : WAWONA!

Congrats to Barnay, Ersin, Robin, Nell Mike and the whole MLF crew, couldnt be more deserved to a better crew!

Tribeca Storyscape winner annoucement Most Mesmerizing: Treehugger Wawona

Mashable raves on Treehugger

Forbes on Trees in VR?

Mindshow Official Trailer!

It’s time for VRLA and I’m excited to be there this year working for Mindshow. We’ve been learning how to do some amazing things with Mindshow, creating new types of content from within VR!

Check out the new trailer for VRLA, featuring some the best we’ve made and seen yet! Everything you see here is acted out by a real person as the character in VR!