Welcome to Mindshow!

I am excited to share I am working with Mindshow, a Virtual Reality app that lets you make your own VR cartoons using your body and voice, acting out your own parts, and then filming them in VR to create a clip you can share on all social platforms.

That’s a mouthful because talking about VR is always tough – so lets just say Mindshow has that “thing” that’s been missing from VR and I was hooked the first time I tried it!

Virtual reality does provide a platform to consume content in a new way, but what about creating content? Do I need to learn a programming language and visual effects tools to be in the game? How will VR meet the “everyone is a creator” ethos that YouTube helped solidify? How will VR disrupt creation in the same way Youtubers re-defined what’s “watchable” for an entire generation?

Mindshow takes advantage of immersive VR to create and share stories of your own. When your senses tell you you’re an alien or space captain – something NEW happens to your creative brain. But acting inside the characters is just half the fun, stepping out of the characters and then filming your performance in a virtual 360 space lets you express yourself in new ways. And when it’s done, you have a video you can share on all social platforms. Even if your friends don’t have VR they can be a part of it today!

I cant wait to see what a new generation of creators use it for! Working at maker convinced me that VR needs more then just content, we need to build an ecosystem that builds a deep connection between users and creators, getting everyone involved. Creating content = play for kids today, and Mindshow found a way to use VR to make a whole new way to play!w

So weather or not you have VR, wth Mindshow, I can share my VR experience with you in a way that makes it fun for everyone!