Its been a great ten year arc in the online video Space!

From “your doing what with your phone?” (see clip below!) … the sale of Maker studios to Disney, online video has matured. To think uploading video with your phone was a conversation stopper just 8 years ago!

I’ve been part of the online video from the beginning and I am as excited about the VR journey as I was when working with Ashley Tisdale to put the first established artist on youtube ever!

Ben Smith has a few article worth reading over at Road To VR, connecting the dots between the online video revolution to todays growth in VR.

Here We Go (Again): The VR Industry Is Spinning up Just like Online Video 10 Years Ago

What $136 Million Invested in November Alone Says About the VR Industry

Someday well have a video to look back at that will make the beginning of VR as old fashion as using youtube on your phone!

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