LA weekly featured and in depth article on the evolution of the YouTube ecosystem and the growing problems facing the big YouTube Networks. The article come down pretty hard on Machinima, and also mentions my former company Maker Studios. It’s simple, this space is going through some growing pains. One thing I can tell you from my experience is most YouTubers could use more help. It’s not easy to do it all on your own and the Youtube community should be more open to advice from both YouTube networks, as well as the “old guard”. There is SOME good stuff that old media brings to the table. While I had my issues with the old school nature of record companies, my time Warner Bros Records showed me the power of pushing back on Artists, challenging them to be better. Most YouTubers think they don’t need this type of advice. It seems that the YouTube Networks are starting to take on some of the worst characteristics of the old guard, without helping the Artist grow. You don’t need to throw everything out from the old way – evolve. My experience at Maker? They cared, and it showed 🙂


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