In September 2012, I took a chance working for a new company – 2013 means the full energy of Revolt TV is coming to life. Check out our linked in page to learn more!

“Revolution is the ultimate social leap – a period when the gradual accumulation of mass bitterness and anger of the exploited and oppressed coalesces and bursts forth into a mass movement to overturn existing social relations and replace them with new ones. A few days of revolutionary upheaval bring more change than decades of “normal” development. Rulers and systems that seemed invincible and immovable are suddenly unceremoniously toppled”

A little about us!

Revolt Media & TV is a new independent music and music news themed cable network under with distribution commitments from Comcast and a launch agreement slated for 2013.

Revolt changes the game by leveraging digital technologies, including social media, to give artists a powerful new platform to connect with viewers, and to create and deliver a category-defining experience. Like all great moments in television history as well as social networks, the channel’s programming will be live, immediate and in sync with today’s digitally connected artists and musicians. The network will recharge and reinvent music TV to reflect today’s digital technology. Anchored by a state of the art broadcast center to constantly lead and feed the dynamic changes in music in real time, Revolt will be a fully integrated digital/TV venue where artists rule the airwaves 24/7, while engaging directly with fans in an unpredictable hub where the magic of live is the link. Led by proven masterminds of music programming and pop culture taste making, Revolt will be the trusted curator that serves empowered artists and fans, offering viewers access to impromptu performances, live daily news feeds, breaking news for tour-on sales, last minute great seats, behind the scenes action, and real-time updates on what’s hot and what’s trending in music, by the minute.

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