“We wanted to start to tell a story that would take a long time to tell”.

Kevin Spacey gives a clear and inspired overview on how television piloting process is broken, and how it ruins GREAT story telling by artificially constraining the creative process with old rules! While new data shows it may be harder to monetize binge viewing ala “House of Cards”..
via variety: netflix may need to fast forward its spending for original shows

…the lessons still apply. I’d break it down like this:

– Do not make a pilot for anyone but your actual audience
– Start on Youtube
– If your story is compelling, you’ll find an audience
– If the network wants a pilot after you get some traction, give them your first episode, but don’t stop there
– The networks want you to have your own audience heading into prime time, there is no “audience” for NBC

Watch the clip for your own insights!