Some of the most interesting music experiences are pivoting off spotify as a music engine, and universal link format. Here’s two of the best new add-on apps that have me hooked, and using spotify more than ever!


Copy any playlist url from inside the spotify app and Tubufy creates a youtube playlist with all the same music. Neat way to hear and share your favorites and see some interesting, and sometimes unexpected visuals!




All you need to do is right click on the name of the playlist from within spotify and select “Copy Spotify URL”. Paste this into Tubufy. It should look like this:


End result is this:
For some reason some of the songs sounded better via youtube?


Put in a band and get pandora like radio via spotify. Here’s what makes it better than Pandora  for me (at least on a pc, i don’t see a way to make it mobile). The songs play like pandora, seamlessly controlled by a web interface, but the songs appear in their native album format inside spotify. It gives you a context you don’t get via other internet radio products. It’s much easier to stray from the passive radio experience  and go active to explore a few more cuts from that album. Accessing the the song in the context of the album gives me a sense of the other tracks on the album it came from, mixing play listing and albums into one experience.