I logged onto RDIO tuesday at work, and saw a new Gorilaz album in the first featured new release slot. At first I though it had to be just a song (maybe another tribute for japan?)

Didn’t they just have a new album? I just used an app on my ipad that was a game from plastic beach. How could a new Gorilaz album come out, and not ONE marketing impression reached me? I know someone is working hard to market it, so its probably my media buble thats to blame. It’s niche world when it comes to my infosphere – mobile operating system blogs out number music blogs by in my feeds.

I band I like. A band who’s app I just played (from the last cycle, with no mention of the new album, that was a miss…) Another reminder of the radical new world of marketing music. But a positive look into the future of subscription services, where the music is first. RDIO was a great backstop. I’ve never found out about an album from an artist I really like at the exact moment i was hearing it for the first time. Making something old a new experience. It got to me just in time, i didn’t miss a beat.

Gorillaz. Just click play. Its sounds awesome.

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