After 11 great years in the Warner Music Group, it’s time for me to move on to the next Chapter in my life!

I spent five years running new media at Maverick Records, and over six years in digital at Warner Bros Records, and I leave proud of what I’ve accomplished, and grateful for the relationships I’ve developed.

Working with the best Artists in the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a dream come true for me.

I wish the best to WMG, Lyor, Rob, Livia and Todd, and cant wait to see what they do next. To all the great people past and present at Warner – ill miss you!

I hope my “next” will be equally as exciting and productive.

I’ll be sharing my plans over the next few months right here, and you can contact me – leave a comment here or on my facebook.

I leave you with one of the first Artists who took my crazy digital ideas seriously…


Youtube’s music page features a new chart of the top 100 music videos on their site.

The YouTube 100 measures song traffic across official music videos, user-uploaded videos and viral debuts, and uses this data to provide a holistic view of song popularity.

A quick reveiew of the new feature

– Ability to “play” the chart is a nice feature, and youtube is clearly trying to make aspects of the service work for listening and watching – the top 100 is also a great music playlist.

– The top 100 almost all established artists and hit songs. There are only a few non traditional clips, and a few lyric videos in the top 100

– Global Chart? Its not 100% clear if im getting a localized chart, but there was a nice mix on international content on the chart.

I hope you tube continues to expand here. Expanding the depth of content, perhaps sub charts in different genres, UGC only, vs official, cover songs etc.