My Amazon preferences don’t talk to my itunes ratings or my genius playlist. Neither of them factor in my recommended videos on you tube or vevo. My “ilike’s” don’t tie into my mog preferences…

With all this music and information I still have trouble finding quality stuff I want. And I still miss bands I should know about, or live dates from bands I love!

I’d like a way to set up a highly customizable preference/recommendation engine that followed all my music, video, movies, purchases, streams, and could form “meta recommendations” from them all. Then combine ubiquity of preferences with context (location) and the future connected recommendation experience emerges. Moving seamlessly across sites and services, I could listen to music and media on several different devices and still capture a true picture of my media and commerce behavior. Of course I’d want strong privacy setting that allowed me to benefit from this targeted experience, not just advertisers and merchants!

Anyone working on anything like this? Anyone else want it?

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