Emails went out a few days ago letting you know how to import your imeem playlists into myspace (Myspace Music acquired certain Imeem assets a few months ago).

Nice to see that myspace retained all the user and song info, and one of the first mass example of the portability of the playlist as a format:

Access your playlist by clicking here:
You will need to be logged into MySpace.
Log in or sign up for MySpace.

Enter your imeem e-mail address.

Click import and we will retrieve your playlists.

Upon completion, your playlists will be stored in
“My Music,” our playlist management tool. All
playlists can be identified by the name

If you have questions visit

Pros: It worked for me with no issues and no import lag time. All of my imeem playlists showed up as private in my myspace playlist dashboard.

Cons: A few songs seem to be missing, due to rights issues, and of course I miss the embedability of imeem! I also have not gone back and replaced my imeem embeds with new links to myspace and I doubt I ever will have the time to do that. That’s an important piece of the playlist transfer they missed.

Will LALA go through a similar process when they are fully integrate into apple?

Checkout a few examples of my old imeem playlists imported into myspace:

New Urban Music 2009

2008 new music sampler

LInks to some past playlist related posts:

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