The goal was to create an online interactive music experience to promote the launch of Disturbed’s new album “Asylum”, and use it to help get the word out on the new album in ways a traditional music video could not. Make it social, dark, fun, scary, and if it feels authentic and emotional, you can drive sales.

We decided to mash up Disturbed’s Music, facebook, webcams, video, and gaming, into an expereicne that complimented Disturbed’s sound, tour and exiting visuals.

The first thing you’ll need if your creating an effective and authentic experience around a single asrtist or release, is artist that’s willing to participate and get creatively involved. No matter how cool the tech, or the social connect applications, it’s the band’s vision, music, and art – the energy that that sells out arenas and millions of records, that needs to be “baked” in. Disturbed was great an letting us tap into their culture and brand, giving feedback on what was cool and what sucked, and ultimately, helping to get this off the ground.

The second thing you’ll need is an understanding of gameplay mechanics and interactivity. Just slapping facebook conect on cool graphics and music wont cut it. Try and work with developers who get this – and add in expertise where you need it. Our developer BKWLD put in a lot of extra hours while we at WBR figured out the creative, and learned what we didn’t know! It was eye opening to

Did we succeed? The fans seem to love it and it’s worth exploring for yourself! Enter the “Asylum” at http://disturbedasylum.com.