The Superhighway Tour is a brand new online music product developed by the Tom Petty team here at WBR, and Tom Petty himself!. It’s a direct to fan digital configuration of the upcoming The Live Anthology, with the bonus content on demand from the cloud!

48 digital tracks for $24.98, mp3 AND FLAC! The digital tracks are presented within a dedicated web site and delivered with truly compelling additional material. No DRM – just real value in an on-line experience actually worth paying for. The multimedia around each song gives context, depth and understanding to what is already a career-defining live music anthology. nd them.

The site includes streaming audio commentary from Tom and the band on the songs that are included in the Anthology, historic photos and videos, show reviews, recreated vintage merch, and areas for fans to share their experiences and photos from Tom Petty shows.

And you get 24 tracks before “traditional street date”! The first 24 tracks, which make up the body of the Superhighway Tour are delivered over an 8 week period that leads to street date (11/23/09). The remaining 24 tracks will be delivered collectively on street date.

You can get a free live track without even signing up!

Head there now!

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