UPDATE 10/21/2010: We saw a 120% increase in sales, the clip was #4 on HULU the day after the SNL airing, and we hadover 60,000 tweets to promote the clip. It was interesting to see the album at #40 after SNL aired across the country. But by mid-day Sunday it was #12. It seemed like a lot of the buzz was around watching the clip the next day. Nice experiment with solid results!

Here are a few ways things I set up to enhance and capture the buzz from Regina’s SNL performance, and launch her new single “Eet”

Start with the now obligatory Culture Jam Twitter Interface : Tweet about Regina on SNL and get a live version of “EET”. Goal was to make people aware she was on SNL ahead of broadcast. These twitter buzz interface campaigns can work if you have great content – get people excited about getting something spectacular, make it worth their time, and fans will spread the word. In this case, the interface makes it easy, and an inspiring live version of “Eet” makes twittering about Regina fun!

Check it our the campaign and get the Live Version of “Eet”

Then let new fans watching SNL sample the album on – Check out Regina’s widget with a stream the new cd “FAR” for a limited time

Sunday Morning, and you haven’t seen it yet? Check out the performance from SNL on HULU.

“The Calculation”

I’ve been watching the album move up itunes ever since!

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