I was discouraged to see the Imeem widget default to :30 clips. I guess the business model can not support free streaming, legally liscnesed into a widget (trying to use only liscemsed tools and players here).

So I hopped over to LALA. Remmber the big difference between Imeem and LALA embedable Widgets:

I am paying .10 a song for web streaming rights, so people who come to my blog can hear full length.

You can only stream for free in full one time – then it will default to :30

If your looking to stream free music on your site, the LALA model seems fair in absence of true ad suppported model that works (R.I.P. Imeem widget). LALA also added a nice facebook connect implementation I’ll write more about later!

Try the LALA playlist here, original imeem playlist below:

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