New stats have facebook in the top 3 for video sites. As consumers become more comfortable watching videos on facebook (most likely through embeds of other sources like you tube and hulu), Artists can effectively build their own video views in existing communities. While you tube has community features via their channels, I like the idea of facebook communities becoming another visual hub.

Facebook Ranks In Top 3 Video Sites:
The view from Y-pulse, and how this may effect hulu and myspace
New Tee Vee’s take, along with the rest of the top 10 players

So now build your community and get your video directly to them. Building a facebook community around video offers some benefits you cant get with your you tube commuity (who’s channels have limited community functionality), and allows video to become a part of the conversation already taking place.

Shakira’s Stats Don’t Lie: Facebook/Ustream Music Video Debut Is A Hit

More options! Make your own video premier – Shakira, facebook and ustream create something exciting, direct to fans, in an environment that makes it easy to pass along.

Earlier this year I helped set up a live broadcast with Ashley TIsdale on her facebook page that over 100k simultaneous viewers. Clearly facebook, with the help of established video partners like ustream, is starting to unlock the potential for Artsits’s facebook communities to become a destination for music videos, and visual interaction.

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