Rumor hit earlier this week on the google music service:

Google already has some experience with music in CHINA

Google and LALA? Readers of my blog already know I am a fan of lala (like this guy!), and i’ve done a lot of great work with ilike and lala…so this looks interesting!

But this all got me thinking about the CD as a music format. There were benefits of this old technology, benefits of a clear standard from the player, to the audio format to the physical medium. You showed up at your friends house and it worked.

With Google entering the scene, we’re moving beyond the physical/file, to online experiences and services. It made me think – what role does compatibility and standards have with services? Is Google the mechanism for compatibility?

Is there a “service” standard where music can be monetized more effectively? You can move from different subscription vendors with ease and keep all of your preferences? If services and experiences had some way to know your preferences, and transfer them seamlessly, google could become a “front end” to an exciting music experience

I’d bet this is not something Google is going to build, but Google’s involvement (whatever it may be), starts making online music services and experiences Interesting. Looking forward, you see google becoming a frictioness traffic driver to all sorts of music products and you dont start over every time you try a new one.

Let me know your thoughts as this story unfolds throughout the week, and Ill post updates as I learn more.

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