I had a great time at the SF Music Tech summit today. My panel was entitled “Reaching Fans” with Sean, Dave, Pano, Aaron, and Dave.

Thanks to Brian for a great day! Here is a recap of some of the key points I wanted to discuss:

We are past the tool phase – and into the “Romance the Fan” era

There are than enough tools to reach fans, no matter how advanced or basic. Know how to use them to communicate your passion, listen back, and your fan base will grow!

Your Music is the most important asset and the best way to “Reach Fans”. 

Not all Artist’s are meant to connect to Fans all the time.

Fans are going to seek what they want, when they want it – if your going to connect to them, be preapred for this!

You dont only have to give it away – selling great products from your site IS a way to connect with your Fans.

Many artists think they’re connecting to their Fans but are just pushing info out. There is a difference.

Avoid communication and data black holes – make sure your aware of what everyone else on your team is doing with your Fans. You need someone to QB your direct to Fan strategy across all areas.

The other panelists made some great points, couldnt write them all down. Search twitter #sfmusictech and youll get the best recap of the day!

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