Myspace Music vs Imeem pt 1

The new Myspace music launched last week, and now that some of the dust settled, I put my OCT playlist in both Imeem and Myspace Music’s new playlist tool. Most of the debate has been about the indie labels not being in the Myspace launch, but I haven’t seen many evaluations of the myspace music service itself.


First off the Myspace launch was and still is Buggy. I know from many fans and artists, there are many complaints about the “closed” ecosystem. You cant just upload whatever you want anymore – fingerprinting technology is in place now!

But the ability to make playlists from a ton of full length tracks is impressive. I find the Myspace tool easier to use than Imeem’s tool, but I cant seem to find any way to embed the Myspace player (although the pop up player is a nice addition!)

Ill post more in pt 2 on the nuances between the two services, and more about how the fingerprinting works.

For now – enjoy my new playlist and let me know which service works for you! –


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