Myspace Music vs Imeem pt 1

The new Myspace music launched last week, and now that some of the dust settled, I put my OCT playlist in both Imeem and Myspace Music’s new playlist tool. Most of the debate has been about the indie labels not being in the Myspace launch, but I haven’t seen many evaluations of the myspace music service itself.


First off the Myspace launch was and still is Buggy. I know from many fans and artists, there are many complaints about the “closed” ecosystem. You cant just upload whatever you want anymore – fingerprinting technology is in place now!

But the ability to make playlists from a ton of full length tracks is impressive. I find the Myspace tool easier to use than Imeem’s tool, but I cant seem to find any way to embed the Myspace player (although the pop up player is a nice addition!)

Ill post more in pt 2 on the nuances between the two services, and more about how the fingerprinting works.

For now – enjoy my new playlist and let me know which service works for you! –


Transparency and Mystery

Jack White created something incredible with his band The Racounteurs. Their live shows have the fire of Led Zepplin and the Who. They change up their set, improvise, and are touring behind Consolers of the Lonely, one of the best albums in the last ten years. 

This band is hardly transparent the way new media blogs, and “indie” artists talk about today – no twittering from Jack White.

I was sitting with some fine folks from Zappos, the kings of transparency and customer service, and as we discussed Twitter and the ecommerce biz, I was making the point that some bands should not be “transparent”. A bold instance on Mystery and perfecting ones musical craft should be allowed. (I DO think they convinced my boss to start twittering!)

Awhile back at the Henry Fonda Theatre (and again, last week at the Greek), I watched The Raconteurs improvise an extended intro to one of my favorite songs from their new album and I was blown away by the direction they took the song live. The fact they dared to explore new (old?) textures to a song I loved was mysterious, and at the same time transparent, revealing the hidden melodies within the song and perhaps how the song was created in the first place. Old school transparency  – were just going to Rock! 

Twenty years from now I hope the Raconteurs Mystery, and approach to music, will make them a legend as fans hunt down, search, and try and interpret the bands motive to the musical scraps and clips left behind.

New LIGHTS Video

A kick start to the LIGHTS campaign – an amazing video to a beautiful track.

Im going to Baltimore on Friday to get the campaign rolling. I will be turning her on to the latest tools for communicating with fans. Your opinions for the Top 3 tools artist’s should use to communicate with their fans?

LIGHTS – music and multimedia wonder woman

Im working with a new artist called LIGHTS! She is a very special artist that I believe will be very succesfull, and will help shape the profile of a musical/new media artist in todays musical ecosystem. She has a vision for herself beyond just her songs, across multiple mediums, and modes of expression.

I get to be a part of the process and join momentum she’s already built on her own. Working on this should be an innovative adventure, and I hope to break new ground in helping her to achieve her vision.

Check out these clips, listen to three tracks,



Lights Tour Announcement from Crystal Caves….

The Police Wrigley Field

Met all of my friends in Chicago for the fourth of July, and the POLICE, live, after all these years! My friend got busted for pot before the show and went to jail! The Chicago Police were not joking around. I was innocent but in handcuffs to for awhile, but they had nothing on me and had to let let me go!

So from the seventh row – here are some great clips!